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Originally posted by ethylene
Perfect? Wow, please tell us which videocard that is.

The problems I've found with GeForce cards are that TV Out is usually limited to two or three resolutions, usually 640x480, 800x600, and 1024x768. And you've really got to use a third-party utility like TVCC to center and tweak the image because nVidia's driver support is just barely enough to get it working.

I've read that ATI cards are much better in respect to TV Out...
Perfect as far as RGB PAL can be - let's face it, it's not particularly brilliant anyway. I'm using my Amiga on a bigscreen TV, and that kinda hurts when in Workbench (putting up with a laced mode for the sake of aspect)

For the PC's output, I use TVTool, which allows me to change res, but best of all apply overscan to a PC output, which Amigas have been able to do all along. Overscan is a must when watching movies/TV from the PC (DivX).

I can also get the image pretty sharp too, remember to put TVTool's flicker filter all the way to the left, or things will start to look blurry. Coupled with contrast, I can get a very clear picture. It's great for playing emulators such as MAME32, Snes9X etc.

If you want correct full screen functioning, simply set your emulator to run at the same resolution fullscreen as your TV's resolution. Also change to TV mode before launching the emulator - or it all goes pear shaped. This method even works for PC games such as Quake 3. Which looks stunning on my TV, but the mouse/keyboard leads won't reach so I can actually play
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