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7-Zark-7 - i dont agree, he hit me with zero understanding what this tread means
And i suppose using WHDload as standard under WinUAE as well, as on Amiga, because it give me comfort and i get used to it
Therefore i just mention that ATR did not work - all, and end of story. There is nowhere mentioned "Toni, fix this!" - because it can be easily a ATR install fault as well...

About the so-called autorities i "insulted" and wrong - no, thats simply not true. I dont insulted anyone, i just get insulted by some ppls, what i ofcourse disrespect then, either for their lack of knowledge or how they behave.
Please read and understand consequences before you posting such nonsens about how i insulted everyone good there :eek
Because you are damn right - respect is something to be earned.

Burseg - i think that others can contribute their results (well, mostly failures ) there too
And about TrexWarrior - it did not work for me, even when i used your config, so, make sure you using the same orginal TrexWarrior as me.
Then you get the problem.

Actually, i dont come to blame, but if you wish - your config can be improved a lot, dude. First at all, Primary DirectSound buffer should be unchecked (as Toni mentioned on WinUAE site long time and and there into many treads).
Second, as andreas well pointed out, the game is for 68000 and exact cycling helps - so, nothing like "as fast, as possible CPU"...
...but no matter how i fiddle with it, it wont start even the damn Thalion intro at its beginning (this works even on A3k, witch are into the times of A500 the most incompatible thing ever!)
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