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Originally Posted by spud View Post
Just a short post to announce I've finshed writing my new game, The Incredible Adventures of Moebius Goatlizard. A port of a popular ZX Spectrum title from last year, Endless Forms Most Beautiful, and based on my SAM Coupé port of The Lost Tapes of Albion (The Lost Disks of SAM).

It is downloadable in ADF form from

Requirements are minimum of 512KB Amiga, but you get a couple of extras if you play it on an 020+. It also caches more stuff in RAM if it finds it.

Instructions are included in the ReadMe file on the disk.

This is the first program I've written for the Amiga, and it probably shows ;-) haha.

Hope you enjoy. Feedback always welcome. The disk is bootable, and it also works from workbench (most of the time!)
hello good game i load it on to minmig and work going to try it on amiga 600 soon thank you
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