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hi all

I am going to do a little bit of thread necromancy here...

I have just found a bunch of my old Zip disks. Most of them dont seem to be PC disks, so i assume they are from my old amiga drive.

i am trying to use winuae to get them mounted - once all the info is extracted i will consider binning them all at last!!

i am 90% confident that these are the DOSdrivers i used 'back in the day' :

i say this because the drive names look familiar.

I am assuming from the above, i just need to set the drivers parameters like so:

the trouble is, the above help seem ancient (including dead links etc), and i cannot work out how to get the drive to mount, because i dont know the unit number to use.

i am able to mount the ZIP drive i am using as an HD, and it appears in the drive list as:

*UAE* n/a :IOMEGA ZIP 250 61.T ... however, on mounting it does say 'NO MEDIA' (edit: although it read UNK after restarting UAE) so i cannot even make an image of them ... nothing shows on workbench, but the drive starts activating when i add this and run WinUAE, so something must be happening.

any thoughts / help as to what vital steps i am missing?! I would love to know what is on these disks!

Thanks in advance

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