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ACA500 RAM: Not as easy as you might think, because the memory map of the ACA500 is pretty full. Also, the bus for the A1200 accelerator is not meant to be used bi-directional as in the A1200, so the only way to add memory would be the 7MHz bus on the A500 side or the 68000 socket inside the A500.

If you come up with enough orders, I could design something for the 68000 socket. However, I don't really believe that people would spend 60,- EUR on 2MBytes if they can have 128MBytes and more CPU horsepower for 90,- EUR (let alone open the computer!).

Remember the ACA500 is a low-budget design. The only way to make it possible at this price was to make the assumption "the A500 is totally un-modded" - this takes a lot of logic, testing and other effort out of the equation. Look at all the options that the ACA500 offers, and ask someone educated enough to rate the amount of required logic. Or ask if he/she can fit it in 72 macrocells (as used on the ACA500). I bet that the standard answer will be "you'll need the next bigger chip with 144 Macrocells" - which would result in at least 10,- EUR higher sales price.

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Also, any news on a C64 PSU?
Prototype works, but case is an issue I want to resolve before it goes into production. However, a C64 PSU wasn't the goal of the development which you don't know about yet - it's a subset that happens to be worthy to be extracted and built as a product on it's own. It's not on high priority.

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