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Ah, that you mean!
Well, it can be, that OS 3.0+ Kickstart ROM for A1200 wont work correctly W/O getting 2MB chip ram first, but i wont bet on that.
Because i saw KS 3.1 into A500 with 512k chip ram as well, as working friend A4k with only 1MB of chipram - he lost the orginal 2MB simm and i find quite hard to get simm, what shows as 2MB (i end with 8MB simm, showing as 2MB of chipram - and no, the switcher allowing more chip ram on a4k mainboard wont work - eg. dont give me more )

So, altrought A1200 KS can be "hardwired" to 2MB chip, i wont expect that, even the chip ram is solded onboard and always there - since the very similar KS works with diferent combinations of HW (A3k has also 1MB of chip ram) and therefore it seems obivous, that expansion library detect wery correctly system friendly memory and dont seems to be tied with 2MB chip into any way.

Even the WinUAE with a1200 KS 40068 works for me with chipram settings at 256kBy fine - OS boot
...but it seems that either this option is broken, or A1000 with 256k of chip ram is not supported anymore, cause OS reporting 512k of chip ram, maybe this is the limit, but certaingly not 2MB of chip.

Well, friend a4k also dont starting W/O chip ram
...since into chipram get after boot inicialized the expension library, so...
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