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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
If it really is that simple, how should it be implemented in WinUAE? Automatically add some common standard ports? Custom ports can be added via config file but basic ports should have simple on/off checkbox.

21, 22, 23, 80, 443? Anything else? Should there be some number added to host side port? (for example 80 becomes 8000 + 80 = 8080), low (<1024) ports may not be available and may require higher privileges.
On Qemu it was some fun syntax of -redir protocolort:hostort which could be repeated over and over again... I cheated on the SIMH Vax/PDP thing by just hardcoding some high ports to 23/80 as that was all I was interested in.. I suppose if you add in a listbox that lets people to add in a few things that'd be nice... the problem with picking arbitrary ports for people is that you can't run more than one instance of winuae... or what if I want to run an amiga email server (Im sure one exists somewhere) and I want port 25, not port 23.. etc etc......

I know you can issue multiple slirp_redir's... so I guess the other thing to do is maybe only allow for one or two port redirections..? Although yeah high ports are better as not everyone is an administrator on their computer.

I don't know why AmiTCP 2.2 & 3.02b has such a hard time teletting, but I'm glad I found a version of 4 that works!
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