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Syko, sounds definitively better what i saw But, well, friend using normal standard 9 point big fonts, and they are unreadable
And ofcourse, scart cable helps big, i remember when u used my A500 with TV modulator for only about 14 days, then i build the scart connection - even my TV this time dont support it, i hardwired it to the TV logic

But the tools and options are IMHO a little bit fakey. At lest the one "tweaker" what saw, have got functions like "de-interlacing" and such "usable" things.
The fact is, that it combine the two lines into one, and depending of the strenght of setings this ofcourse minimized the flicking, but also blurry the image to death

Please note that im not a fan of TVs, TSouts and such things
Its due to my experience with these things, the so called "quality" of their display, due to the internace way of showing picture, due to its microlines, lack of any sarpness and such...
Once i saw a DVD on the "so called great 27" (or it was 26?!)" TV at 100Hz... and bla bla bla - expensive like older car, and i nearly vomited from the results - eg. how the TV can criple the image from DVD is simply unbeliable.
(well, nearly the same way as users, who scale the output from DVDplayer to get it "fullscreen", but crippled and deformed and blurry... - instead of just using special resolution for deadly-sharp fullscreen DVD playback...)
But i seems drifted out a little from topic
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