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hey sorry for going dark life took a major turn...

I saw the slirp and was really excited, although for some reason I've been having issues with it.. I'll get to that later.

Doing inbound TCP connections is really simple with the slirp network library.

It's a one liner too!

struct in_addr guest_addr;


This would take TCP port 42323 on the host machine, and redirect it to port 23.

I'm going to re-install and see if I can come back with something more meangful about slirp, but I was able to ping in the VM just fine, and when I try to connect to my BBS, it "works" but nothing is displayed on the amiga side... oddly enough watching me on the bbs, it worked fine..... I did try AmiTCP 2,3 and the 4.0 ... AmigaDOS 2.1...

But like I said I need to re-install fresh and see what I can do for a bug report.

-- edit

well it seems slirp works better with OS 3.1 & AmiTCP 4 ... Oh well, I can now use telser so I'm happy!

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