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Originally Posted by quahappy View Post
Wow! So basically, if I had a real Amiga (damn and curses for getting ridding of mine!), I simply transfer my TOSEC collection onto a USB stick (ok, only a small part of them would fit depending on amount of Gb the stick had) and bung it into a Gotek Amiga Floppy Emulator that's connected to a real Amiga and away you go?! That's fecking amazing!
no, sadly the gotek is limited by a specific number of slots iirc, what is it, 100 disks worth? no matter how big the stick drive is, still enough to be well worthwhile, imho.

if you want gb's worth, you'll need the HxC or the Pi drive that kipper is developing.

if your goal is just easy access to a large games collection the problem with either of these routes is once you've gone through all that time or expense or both, you might have been better of to spend a little more and get an accellerator, CF card and interface and WHD load everthing instead.

Originally Posted by quahappy View Post
Cheeky question: Does it also allow you to speed up floppy drive emulation speed as per the option in WinUAE?
Good question, I've been wondering how much quicker it is to load than a floppy too!
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