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Got bored with GT3 after about 5 minutes, man! Done all the GT thing with the PS1! Granted it looks better, but its just another sequel and its only real merits over the first two games are aesthetic! Oh, I forgot about the oil change. That really elevated the game, didn't it?

Granted there are a few arcade 5 minute thrill games - such as Crazy Taxi and 18 Wheeler but they are playable and I still go back to them occasionally as they are a larf! GT3 is just too much of an car anorak thing for me!

Also all of the games Akira and I mentioned came out well b4 GT3! Anyway I see no point in dissing the machines. Its the games that should be criticised. The PS2 is a fine machine but for me there is no game that makes me want to have one, yet! Don't mention the likes of MGS 2, coz that is just another sequel of a game that I thought was well overated!:hooooo
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