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JOnboCken by candle ->

A1200 (no-expanded)(2710b8) ... HALT1 !!!

Bliss-Out (Demo) by Ukonx ->

A1200 (no-expanded)(2710b9) ... seems it doesnt work !!!

p.s. On above link is not mentioned that is for AGA, but on it is: ->

gimme alcohol by BONZAI BROS. ->

A1200 (4Mb-expanded)(2710b9) ... seems it doesnt work !!!

Psychedelic (Demo) by Virtual Dreams ->

A1200 (4Mb-expanded)(2710b9) ... seems it doesnt work !!!

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Yes, I agree 100%. Most AGA demos are boring, nothing new compared to A500 demos (except slooooooowwww color fades). And pixel soup of course too.
Yeah, but all those demo problem findings are done as test cases for further improvement of WinUAE AGA emulation accuracy and not only to make some uninteresting and boring demos to work correct.

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