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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
MemOptimizer is a memory defrag tool, so not a "avail flush" replacer what does more or less the oposite. Cut from the docs:

"The purpose of this program is to periodically check your Amiga's free memory list(s) and automatically remove all memory fragments (chunks) which are smaller than a given threshold value. This will optimize memory allocations, as the lists become shorter and hence can be searched faster."
I read the docs too, like you, but I am unsure if the inner workings of the program is really like it says...

Its very hard for the patch to do really this, if only the author of a program knows how it uses its memory and if the chunks it allocates can be freed or not. The only way to do this would be with a MMU but in this case the program doesnt uses one.

The program could also walk into the OS data structures and remove only some libraries or other shared objects, for example, but in any way or other, this is exactly what Avail FLUSH does, to some extent. There are some defragmentizers for AmigaOS, another one is PoolMem, but a true defragmentizer would need a MMU to "mark" where the memory addresses belong to.
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