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Originally Posted by StingRay View Post
I find this "everyone should thank System 3" talk quite hypocritical. After all it took them years to release the game and apparently for more than a decade they didn't care about the people who were interested in the game. It's good that the game got released but that still doesn't mean people have to bootlick them! If someone wants to thank them, fine, but it is also OK not to do so as it should be one's own decision how to react to the fact the game is finally out.
Since when has a simple 'Thanks for Putty Squad' equated to 'bootlicking'?

I appreciate that not everyone wants to thank them, and thats their right, but I think what Mark was trying to hint at was trying to gauge the size of the current Amiga community, and a release like Putty Squad (whether anyone actually likes the game is another matter!) was surely the game to achieve that.

As for thumbs on Pouet for the crack intro, yes, most probably more than 16 people have watched it but often there won't be any comments if something is not extraordinarily good (or bad) so people watch it and move on. It always has been like this and this is not an "Amiga only" phenomenon.
I appreciate that, but I used that as an illustration to prove a point. For sure its had more than 16 views, but very few people could be bothered to vote for it whether they liked it or not, and the same attitude is prevalent for Putty Squad and hell, a shit load of other releases.

The fact is, some people just don't get involved, and don't vote period.

Its sad in a way, we've no real idea just how big the Amiga community actually is anymore, which is a shame.
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