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I think unfortunately there is too much take from some people.

I think a lot more than a few hundred have downloaded the game, its just that only a few hundred bothered to thank System 3.

I'm not going to point fingers, but when I did the thread about 'Putty Squad the details', I literally had to coerce some to thank S3. "But I don't have Facebook"... as if that was the only way of contacting them.

What's left of the Amiga community knows about Putty Squad, those that want to thank have done so, the rest that take and play and then move onto something else never will.

The cracktro for Putty Squad has only 16 thumbs up on is statistically unlikely that only 16 have viewed it. Therefore I have to conclude that lots of people have viewed it, but don't actually bother to vote and take part, and that's the same for the game.

In this day of less than dwindling releases, you would think that people would bend over backwards to be happy and make their thought known...........I guess not.
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