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Originally Posted by gulliver View Post
-Added showboards command so that we can detect some ACA accelerators (WhichAmiga fails with some of them)
WhichAmiga indeed fails with some (if not all - dunno) but at least in my case (ACA630) I found out that I can bypass the WhichAmiga freezing if I enable MMU!

I made the following script which I enable it whenever I want MMU on, or want to run WhichAmiga

echo Initializing MMU...
SYS:System/MuTools/MuLockLib >NIL:
wait 1
echo Setting compatibility with ACA accelerator...
SYS:System/MuTools/MuSetCacheMode Address=$b8f000 SIZE=4000 WRITETHROUGH VALID NOCACHE >NIL:
wait 1
echo ...............................
echo Done!
The compatibility line (MuSetCacheMode) is only needed for ACATune as without this line, ACATune will report the basic accelerator (like you didn't have one plugged).

Keep up the good work man
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