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Oh please don't get me wrong, I suppose what I asked is really a hypothetical question - it just occured to me that Mark Cale is an old-school businessman and, while we all know that in the age of Twitter, Facebook and forums, a handful of people making noise can seem like a stadium full, I wondered what figure he had in mind to justify the effort. That's what I meant by "lead to believe". Their interpretation of "a lot of buzz about this" versus the reality.

Several hats off to the EAB members involved. Only Galahad made it possible - where dreams come true - and it's now out there forever more, which is the important thing. I'm sure by the end of this year that thousands of erstwhile Amiga freaks will have chipped in with comments at all the usual places (including here).

I suppose what I meant was: does everyone who cares now know about this? If so, great, but it's a bit of an eye-opener for me. If not, how do we get the message out there while it's still "news"...
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