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Originally Posted by Mark Wright View Post
If they were lead to believe that there is still a vibrant, buoyant Amiga scene, I suspect they might be disappointed with the low count of Facebook "Likes" from their download page, YouTube views of PS-related videos (all under 1000) and coverage in general.
I'm not sure who would have lead them to believe that. The numbers are at the bottom of the main page: "Members: 6,680, Active Members: 1,372" (for EAB)

There is no market anymore, not even one for cross advertising Of course they got some people to buy the PS4 version that way, but I'd say a number around 100 is a realistic guess. They had it laying around, Galahad did the hard work and it sold them a few extra copies. Plus they earned/regained respect from retro gamers which might not pay off this time, but is a longterm benefit.

While we're thankful about the release I don't actually see why 'we' should ask System 3 to bump the headlines again. I sent them an email about Putty Squad over a month ago and haven't heard back from them yet, so that's how much they care about us here now
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