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I wonder what System 3's expectations were in terms of positive knock-on effect for them as a result of releasing Amiga Putty Squad? I can't help but think we've let them down a bit.

If they were lead to believe that there is still a vibrant, buoyant Amiga scene, I suspect they might be disappointed with the low count of Facebook "Likes" from their download page, YouTube views of PS-related videos (all under 1000) and coverage in general. Wrong time of year to release it of course, so easy to get drowned out, but well-meant.

Given its holy grail status over such a long period of time, are there really fewer than 1000 people left who care? How do you ensure maximum visibility and awareness for such a monumentous achievement? (Make this thread sticky?!) It would be a pity if this news has failed to reach >70% of its audience due to the time of year.

Can we get System 3 to issue a press release thanking everyone who's downloaded it so far and give it a "we're amazed at the response" spin just to keep it in the headlines?

I'd have hoped for upwards of 3,000 individual indications of support in the first month, rising to nearer 5,000 after about six months. What's the ceiling? Are there still 10,000 people worldwide who care after a year? (Once the news reaches them?)

I wonder how many copies the game would have sold had it been released? 3-5,000 is my estimate!
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