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Originally Posted by Turran View Post
I have been having a terrible time trying to flash my device. Got it to work once on my Win8.1 x64 using power from an ATX power supply, so I flashed it and all is fine with it.

I'm a bit insecure now though. When chosing "Target", the "STM32_Connectivity-Line_128k" is no longer there. Only these:

Which one should I use? Figured I might need to re-flash for an update so I might as well solve this now...
This sounds a bit technical, sorry cannot help here. Not sure if I really took much notice of this line when flashing the newer firmware releases.

My USB-TTL was quite picky on which pins I connected first to the GOTEK before it would talk. After all my SERIAL-TTL issues I think I went past the 'follow exactly H.M's instructions' to I WANT IT TO WORK!! So just pluggined in randomly.

I did not have any drivers with the USB-TTL, so used these:

Once I remembered to change my COM port to 5 it all worked (I had left it on COM 1, which was the non-working serial port).
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