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Floppy disk Swedish hello/hej!


New member from Sweden here.
I used to have an A500 when I was a kid, which was upgraded to an A600, which in turn was upgraded to an A1200 with a turbo card (that was called something I can't recall).

So early this year I found out about you being able to have a CF-card interface, and run the OS on that, which also would eliminate the need for floppys (mostly anyway!) - this pretty much put me in the mindset that I *needed* to get an Amiga again!

So here I am now, with an Amiga 1200 that I've had about 2 weeks!
I upgraded it with a nice ACA1232, that now works perfectly, much thanks to a post I made yesterday on this forum and I got excellent help which solved my problems! (Thanks once more BigFan for your patience and help!)

Looking forward to learning more cool things you can do nowadays, and upgrading my Amiga with things I don't need...but whatever does "need" have to do with anything?

Anyway, see you all around the boards I guess!
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