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A big hello and some advice needed.

Hi everyone.

I have just joined so hello. I would like to apologise but im afraid I am another newbie with another newbie question. I have just been given my late fathers collection of Amiga games and disks. I would like to sell them on to someone or others who would actually use and enjoy them however I do not know anything about these games and their worth.

I have done a bit of research and understand for the most part Amiga games have more sentimental value than financial but wanted to get any advice on the easiest way of selling on my collection while at the same time protecting myself should I have anything of any value. There are about 150 games in boxes/cases, most of which are in good to excellent condition with manuals etc. On top of that I would estimate about another 150-180 loose disks of games, clip arts, Rampage magazine, demos etc. These are in four storage holders so all in all quite a lot and I would rather not have to sell individually on Ebay etc unless some individual titles have a high enough value.

As you can imagine for someone who knows nothing about Amiga games and has no clue as to the value of any of this lot to research each one would be a mental nightmare. I dont believe there are any gold nuggets here but would love some advice as to which section of the forums I would be able to turn to for more advice. I have a list of the boxed games but have not yet listed the loose disks as I am not sure it is worth it?

Any advice would be much apreciated.

Thank you.

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