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Hi Lentivector! Good to see you again.

- Ah, I never finished the first level of XP8! I'll give it a try. Again, if the version on the disc is broken, I can roll back to the non AGA version.
- I had a look at the Epic manual, it appears to have lots of different controls. I think it might be possible to squeeze the important ones on a CD32 controller with an updated WHDLoad slave, but doesn't really look playable with just a joystick or mouse alone.
- I think Moonstone really requires a keyboard (I think you need to type in the names of your Knights, but you also need space for the inventory screen). This and Apocalypse would definitely be the number 1 and 2 games I'd love to have CD32 pad support for, maybe I should request them in the WHDLoad board.
- Hahaha yeah Batman Returns on amiga is terrible (I think it's a port of the awful Mega Drive version?) which is a real pity because Batman Returns on Sega Master System is fantastic.
- Will try Total Football, fortunately I have at least FIFA working for the next release.
- Capital Punishment, unfortunately I haven't been able to squeeze it into the CD32's memory it seems to require every byte possible on an A1200 but with the CD32's extended rom that's never going to work.
- I'll check out VK2, it may be that the way I'm booting it is using up slightly too much RAM to be able to switch track selection.
- Added those other games into the wish list/

A game I'm working on for the compilation is "Testament 2", an obscure Czech FPS. Since the game is fully multitask compatible it's possible to use Joy2Key to give it CD32 pad support. Unfortunately, saving won't be possible and it's a fairly long and difficult game so I'll see what I can do about creating saves throughout the game.

Edit: Did you see that Doman should be working past the first level now? You still need to do the copy protection thing but it looks like it doesn't toss you out of the game anymore.

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