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Originally Posted by BigFan View Post
Not enough address lines? Are you guessing or just kidding? It's a 32 bit interface. You don't know nothing about the transistor matrix in DRAM that's split up in rows and columns. Or bank interleave or burst mode or fast page mode. Right?

What BIOS? Please explain, in what part of any classic Amiga you've found a BIOS.

A 100 MHz mode on what exactly? FPM-modules?

And yes, you're completely off-topic.
Wow... Take it easy dude.

Yes, I'm completely guessing since many of us here on EAB might not be grand masters of Amiga like you. Perhaps you can even tell us the reason for this 32MB per SIMM limit.

By BIOS I meant to say the EPROM found on Apollo 12xx boards (which I might wrongly associated to a Basic I/O System) and by 100MHz the desired CPU clock speed.

Sorry everybody for the off-topic.
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