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Hi again. I lost my internet connection for a while.
some answers:
- XTR runs well in my cd32
- XP8 starts normally, but at a certain time during the first stage it goes in loop, with no enemies on the screen and the background that flows to infinite. That's strange because it doesn't happen in winUAE
- EPIC I think requires a mouse not a keyboard
- Moonstone I remember it's fully playable without nor mouse nor keyboard

some requests:
- atari st conversion of Forgotten World (WHD Load)
- Zeewolf 1 or 2
- Batman returns (Bha, not really interested at all, I never finished the first stage)
- Total football (give it a try, but I remember that the whdLoad requires 3MB)
- I've found speed, a textured PD game in which you run to find an exit. It is also be playable in 3d anaglyph mode:
If you want...
- And, what about: StarFighter'Yammen's Reign (I don't remeber the min HW specs)?

Thank you to the genius that made possible to play VK2. I really loved that game! I burned it in a CD but I cannot select the others 3 stages (those designed for VK1, to understand); the game just freeze.
And thank you for the insertion in the compilation (I hope the other 3 stages run on it, but I didn't try at now)

Please, punishment, at least in one release
Thank you again for your work. Bye
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