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turrican3: The Whizz CD32 iso has been available since quite a few time now. It was in the EAB server too last time I checked.

MethodGit: I've heard people stating it was actually released in Canada and not US before, but can't be sure. Either way if you notice pretty much all CD32 versions of Oscar that show up on ebay are from US sellers so that must mean something. The game is also NTSC afaik, Reters can probably confirm this.

lilalurl: I think no one can confirm 100% sure that they were never released in Europe, but afaik no one ever saw a copy of the games being sold in Europe besides the game being NTSC of course.
The language argument doesn't seem very important to me as the game was already done anyway and it's likely that it was indeed intended to be released in Europe too, but to my knowledge it never happened.
If someone has any extra intel on this subject I'd love to hear it of course.
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