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Originally Posted by Snake79 View Post
Hi to every Amiga fan! and Mr. Tony especially! I'm new one so sorry for inconvenience (english language - its not my native one). I'm using WinUAE (and licensed Cloantos Amiga Forever '12) for some time and they're brilliant piece of emulation soft. Anyway I have a problem with using virtual hard disks (hdf), the ones i created earlier and with the new ones. I am booting a plain A1200 + 4MB Fast RAM config and reporting a forever hangs/freezes when inspecting a drawers. Everything was ok on v2.7.0 and early betas. Keep Up Good Work!
I am quite sure it has nothing to do with hdfs, at least not directly.

What kind of freeze? Emulated Amiga hangs (mouse won't move anymore and so on) or emulator also freezes?

Attach config and log. (= Paths panel, tick full logging option, start your config normally, boot, do whatever until it hangs, wait few seconds more, F12, Paths panel again, click Save All, attach or email the file, it contains config and logs)
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