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Thank you for calling customer a liar, dear Jens.
Actually the 2nd person I know of is Yerzmey of forum, but for him the issue wasn't such important to report further than forum. Other person to observe the issue was RetroAmi reseller itself(!). He reproduced the issue on ACA500 I sent back and on some another ACA500's as well, GO ASK HIM, he sells your product after all (I don't blame reseller for anything at all, btw. he's supportive).

As for Toni, it's a pleasure to "work" with him, do some tests and provide him with feedback. He thinks it's possible to do software workaround, I keep fingers crossed for that.
And while I'm happy to provide feedback for him, sorry, I won't experiment with my fully functional A500's to solder some resistors to the factory sealed computer that is working properly (as my A500+ is, which I also tested). Especially, since in case of A500+ the problem wasn't happening on hardware Kick 2.0, only mapped 3.1(!). Solder resistor, yeah, right... It's not the customer who should experiment with his proper working computer. PERIOD.
I didn't mean to be offensive, but "LIE" argument was a it too much to take.
I personally don't know this way of doing business, especially when some very basic functionality fails with the product I got... Yes, ACA500 wasn't a gift.

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