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ACA500 tested

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
You're drawing conclusions from no information (do you have all schematics and timing specs of the boards you're comparing?), and you're not seeing the information I have provided yesterday: An unbuffered CF card slot does affect timings by changed signal load on shared lines. If you are only half as educated as you're attemting to appear, this will give all the answers you're expecting.


No need to throw insults Jens!

I haven't seen all the info you refer to however what I have seen of the IDE68k design it is quite 'uncomplicated' (I do have the schematics but not the CPLD code).

Anyway my point is simply that they both use an Unbuffered design, so I'd have expected the CF compatibility to be similar.

Btw, I'm not suggesting Jacques' experience is widespread, only that it's very odd considering 2 aca500's and at more than 3 a500's are involved in the testing.
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