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You're drawing conclusions from no information (do you have all schematics and timing specs of the boards you're comparing?), and you're not seeing the information I have provided yesterday: An unbuffered CF card slot does affect timings by changed signal load on shared lines. If you are only half as educated as you're attemting to appear, this will give all the answers you're expecting.

you're claiming that there are more people that have this problem. They have not reported this to their reseller, and they haven't reported it to me. At this point, your claim is a lie. Have these people use the recommended support chain. The grapevine is not the recommended way to get product support, and claims of other people's problems are not the way to make your own problem higher-priority. Stick to the facts.

Toni has done more tests, and it appears to be a reset issue: Different A500 models have different values for the reset-pullup. Try adding a 2k2 resistor between Vcc and Reset.

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