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Originally Posted by Retro-Nerd View Post
1. sub channels are completely unimportant for CD32 games. There was no protection in CD32 games.
But proper CD archivists keep all associated CloneCD dump files regardless. It's not about copy-protection, it's about ensuring that anyone can use it with any program of their choice.

2. Magic Iso mounts the dump Clone CD perfectly.
And not everyone uses MagicISO as their virtual drive.

3. Yes, a Bin/Cue or ISO+WAV would be nice. Latter for the "pefectionists".
IMGBurn is the best at making an instant, simple BIN/CUE dump. But the Redump way of doing things is dumping each track into seperate BIN files.

Originally Posted by Reters View Post
MethoGit , I'm sorry but you just learn English. I can add a .SUB file?
I'm assuming you used the CloneCD program to dump the disc, right? It always creates a .SUB file alongside the .CCD and .IMG files (and optionally .CUE as well if you ticked the cuesheet option).
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