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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Sorry wasn't having a go! The reason why is because its ntsc only release along with Diggers that had a seperate ntsc release, they must be Canadian discs as no CD32 release happened in the US, so you wont find any Pal versions, and hence why most oscar and diggers are the pal pack-in releases on ebay.
But as stated they do turn up now and again, and as posted above only a couple of weeks ago there was a copy sold much cheaper than the one on there now trying to cash in on the 'mega, hyper, rare' crap that annoys the hell out of me! Keep on waiting and checking, its more fun to wait and buy cheap than to pay over the odds for something that will just sit on a shelf!
But it does not matter if the game is ntsc or pal. The game is hard to come by and this is most important!! Whizz have in your collection as one of the few and also bought for pennies and it was an opportunity. Your reasoning I have this Whizz sell for pennies because I bought it.
Special price is so high, and I know that for this price can not sell and therefore got different proposals. And there is great interest in the game.

This is a very difficult to find a game and every true collector will tell you. And do not laugh at this because you are wrong.
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