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Originally Posted by MethodGit View Post
I do apologise if I overused the term 'rare' before, but I must admit it's frustrating that this game hardly turns up on eBay either way without having Diggers attached to it like some conjoined twin.

Something tells me Oscar, Diggers and for that matter Whizz really sold piss-poor units on their own, and had to rely wholly on the pack-in status to spread about.
Sorry wasn't having a go! The reason why is because its ntsc only release along with Diggers that had a seperate ntsc release, they must be Canadian discs as no CD32 release happened in the US, so you wont find any Pal versions, and hence why most oscar and diggers are the pal pack-in releases on ebay.
But as stated they do turn up now and again, and as posted above only a couple of weeks ago there was a copy sold much cheaper than the one on there now trying to cash in on the 'mega, hyper, rare' crap that annoys the hell out of me! Keep on waiting and checking, its more fun to wait and buy cheap than to pay over the odds for something that will just sit on a shelf!
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