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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
A couple more NetBSD information points:

NetBSD 1.0 doesn't seem to detect A4000T SCSI. The A4000T on-board SCSI just wasn't supported in NetBSD 1.0 I think. It does detect A4091 but booting fails, with this line shown over and over:
waiting: tgt 0 cmd 00 sbcl 00 dsp 40b5068 (+0) dcmd 0 ds 5bb028
There is no reads or writes to A4091 board addresses. None whatsoever.. So I guess it must be some autoconfig bug (like assuming >=$40000000 address, not UAE faked smaller one)

NetBSD 1.1 boots with either A4000T or A4091 SCSI. There's a warning message saying REQ not asserted! which doesn't seem fatal. Interestingly though, it seems NetBSD 1.1 didn't work (or had some problem or other) on a real A4000T, at least according to this posting to the port-amiga mailing list from February 1996.
REQ not asserted is harmless, debugging test only. It checks SBCL NCR register and tests if REQ bit is set. (SBCL contains raw realtime SCSI bus signal status bits, this is not emulated, register is mainly meant for diagnostics)

I found the CVS change that mentions A4000T but I don't see any A4000T specific changes, only some generic 53C710 driver changes.
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