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CF card incompatibilities are never fun..

So because I find this interesting (is this hardware problem or software or actual CF card bug that most hardware won't care)

Did any card work, 100% correctly?
Did some card work randomly?
Does some card always fail to work?

To confirm it is not contents of card, always boot from floppy. Make empty bootable floppy disk (format + install), copy software reset program to disk, boot from disk, run the reset program.

Use boot menu F1 option only:

Test with all cards.
Test without card installed. (Debugging always also includes listing cases that work, not just those that does not work!)
Power cycle after each test

Then enter expert menu and create config that has 3.1 rom, map rom, all ram options enabled. IDE driver update not enabled. Save it.

Do above tests again. Any difference?

And finally enable IDE driver (do not enable aux slot). Save and power cycle and so on..

Do above tests again. Still no difference?

And finally final one: if you have physical 3.1 ROM, select "on-board" ROM option, do not enable map rom.

And tests again. Differences?

Yes, very boring but thats how any kind of debugging works, sorry
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