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Whatever level the price is set at (ACA500's is fair, but not low by any mean), it shouldn't be mentioned as an excuse for lack of compatibility with otherwise fully functional Amigas and CF cards (in my case A500/500+, both with 8372/8375 ECS Agnus and genuine Sandisk, Pretec, Canon CF cards. It's the very basic functionality of Amiga that fails for me (mapped Kick 3.1's Early Menu boot problems, software reboot). I'm not the only one to experience this issue (2 other persons in Poland known, one of them being RetroAmi testing some cards, apart from mine which I sent back for tetsing), so there is some sort of popular problem. Yes, it's life, issues happen, but apparently it wasn't tested enough ahead of going out to the customers, as Leffmann said.

As for returning the card and refund, with the amount of time I spent on testing, preparing feedback e-mails and videos, I'd rather have those issues fixed (if possible), than to simply put my time into trashcan. Especially that IF WORKING CORRECTLY, ACA500 is really nice piece of hardware I'd like to have. It just happened that I really need to occasionally change the partition I'd like to boot (Early Menu) and use software reboot, so I probably was first to report the problem and maybe one of the few to use this functionality.

What I understood from Jens post is: "Issue unfixable for the price card is offered, since no more time can be spend on ACA500", doesn't necessarily sound like a proper customer support. It can't be that hard to get e.g. Sandisk Ultra II 4GB, Transcend 133x 4GB or even Canon 16/32MB cards to emulate the problem on some Amiga 500's and ACA500 cards, since RetroAmi reseller already happened to find out more than "mine" ACA500's with the same issues when tested on his Amiga's. And hey, forget trapdoor expansions causing the problems, my both A500 and A500+ without any expansion were behaving the same way in this regard.
And issue was miraculously gone, when I used hardware Kickstart 2.0 from A500+ instead of mapped 3.1 - then I could choose the partition from its Early Menu and attempt to boot without the freeze. But it's not the machine I plan to use, nor is Kickstart 2.0.

To sum it up. I really would like to wait for the actual fix and am hopeful for that. But IF it's impossible, will I get a refund of all the shipping costs I spent (that would be 3 times of sending already)?

But still, I'd really like to get ACA500 to work as expected regarding this very basic boot/reboot functionality and having a nice happy end. Amiga 500 deserves it

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