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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post

As stated in the manual, the ACA500 is a low-budget product where tiny flaws are expected. We indeed have a set of a few CF cards that don't work at all and others that cause trouble when re-booting (either with or without early startup menu), and we can't make those work, mainly because there's no development budget left to support those cards.

Please turn to your reseller for a full refund of the ACA500, as you're obviously not satisfied with the product. We've done our best, but there's tight limits to what we can do for 79,90 EUR.

Two points to make.

Firstly, this has been covered in another thread in regard to timing issues, no two Amigas are ever going to respond exactly the same way and in exactly the same time, as the components age they cause more and more issues. I use the example of a Roland TR808 drum machine, some units are more sought after because they have a sound which is more desirable ( sharper snare or better kick ) and this is because the components have aged in a way that is more pleasing to the ear of most people. Same with Amiga, some units will start to have tiny little flaws that may not be even discernible under most circumstances but in the case of accelerators where timing is CRITICAL then they can start to show flaws.

Second, Discussion on issues is a healthy thing but it needs to be done without any emotional content and if misinformation is being spread then it's an absolute right of the creator of the product to keep his or her name clean. I think the better way to have approached this is to say is anyone else having this sort of issue and if so what have they tried and what success have they had. I do like Jens' gear but I will also say that some products need more time assigned to them.

Originally Posted by dJOS View Post
That makes no sense at all, if a cf card works 100% on an a500+ it should also work on an a500 just as well.

Jens are you able to provide insight on this aca500 behaviour?
CF card spec is probably as loose as everything else is, not necessarily the fault of the manufacturer using these third party cards.

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