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Flashback appears to be just fine to me, maybe it's a PAL/NTSC thing? (Though I presume we're both PAL)
I use PAL video mode. I've compared it with [ Show youtube player ] and noticed that intro cutscene on my Amiga CD32 ended a little more earlier than in video.

About music... seems like i was wrong, because now cutscenes are running a little more faster than they should Just like [ Show youtube player ]. Or [ Show youtube player ]. Looks like second video grabbed from real Amiga - why it doesn't have normal speed?

Here is [ Show youtube player ] of normal sync between animation and music.

Sorry for tediousness - Flashback is one of my best favourite games, and i wish that it worked perfectly.

About MK2 - maybe i forgot that game autodetects my controller (why???) like plugged in second port and set 2 button controls for first player? I'll check it in the evening.

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