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Greetings from Greece

Hello all,

Iam a long time Amiga fan from Athens, Greece.

I use Amiga since 1990, had Athens City BBS (a greek BBS), and always own an A500 and an A1200.

Recently I bought lots of Amiga games, one by one, as I felt sad for not having all those games when I was a kid. From Test Drive to Napalm or to even more recent efforts (like The Amiga Works from Allister Brimble) I'm always an Amiga soldier.

I also own and present the Retro Gamers show. One of my next episodes will be Amiga, where I'm going to show the original A500 and A1200 (they look terrible due to lots of use tbh) and play game(s), most likely Shadow of the Beast.

Nice meeting you.
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