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Hi newbie here ! simple question too

Im an old Amiga user returning for some nostalgia. I have been extremely impressed with FS-UAE and thanks to everyone who made this possible, Its epic to be able to play amiga games so faithfully on Linux

In the distant past I have owned an:
A500 Floppy drive
FPU accelerator card for the A1200
Extra RAM
CD32 SX1
One of only a few in the world black 1084s Philips monitors
Black keyboard and mouse for the CD32
and of course external black floppy drive !

I had spent many hundreds of hours playing games on the amiga, watching demo's (sent through the post!!) and buying up magazines, i was sad to see if go. Many of my finest gaming hours were spent on the Amiga with my family and friends..

so hello all if anyone is an Amiga head, its me.

I have my first question:

My favourite game on the Amiga was a game by Psygnosis called 'Hired Guns'

Unfortunately i have run into the same problem that Win UAE presented, which is that the Game has 6 Discs but Win/FS-UAE only supports 4. Even when adding the 5th to the media swap list (and pressing the 1 key all the way through to 6) the game doesnt see disc 5

What is the easiest way to get all the discs added ? there are only 4 slots and yet i seem to remember beneath the steel sky had about 12 discs !

Thanks again


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