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Hi Jens,
thank you for your reply.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
We don't work any faster if you keep deviating from the standard support path: THis is not a support forum.
This is "ACA500 tested" thread, so I'm sharing detailed results of my tests with two consecutive ACA500 cards. Why shouldn't I be allowed to if the card(s) I have are having issues?

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
Support goes through your reseller, and since he could not help so far, the issue has been sent back to us.
I went this route already, spend some money on sending the card back to reseller and in returned got another ACA500 bothered with same problems.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
We've investigated the corner cases you've reported, and fixed them.
I've just tested 0.99 and unfortunately that's not the case. All symptoms I mentioned above are still present if you go with the test-scenario I described above.

Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
No need to spread false information about hardware flaws and the like.

Actually this is a bit harsh charge towards me, since as a customer I only raised a question what's the reason behind my problems (which I'm entitled to I guess, having spent some money on the card), since either reseller-tests and new version of firmware still didn't fix the issues I'm troubled with. It's either some ACA500's are affected or you haven't tested identically same scenario & hardware (CF cards-wise) as I'm mentioning.
0.96 was supposed to fix such issues but didn't, now you have released 0.99, so I guess some problems were still diagnosed after 0.96, unfortunately 0.99 doesn't fix them yet, too.

Of course we don't need any negative emotions here, I understand you trying to help and fix problems and I appreciate that, but also please understand me, since with time and money spent, in certain conditions ACA500 I have still has problems on fully functional Amigas and CF cards (A500 ECS Agnus 1MB version, A500+ ECS Agnus 2 MB version - both machines have 0.5 MB CHIP RAM on mainboards).

best regards.

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