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Originally Posted by Arnell View Post
A few questions, being new to WDHload is it normal for some games to run slow e.g IK+ stutters on title screen same as Turrican 2 I've got an ACA1220 so lack of memory isn't the problem, also alot of games crash.
AFAIK A1200 accelerators have lower raw chip ram bandwidth than 68000. WHDLoad cache options may help.

Ive got a 500MB trapdoor expansion with no battery, can i use the realtime clock module with my ACA1220 ?
No, accelerator clock is not visible to Amiga side.

When setting up a CF card in WinUAE do you need to set the partitions with a maxtransfer setting of 0x1fe00 ? i didn't bother as i thought the ACA500 has a different IDE than the Amiga.
ACA500 driver in flash does not care about max transfer.

But it is still better to set 0x1fe00 if you use expert menu to create profile that does not have ACA500 driver enabled or if you need to connect it to standard IDE connector.
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