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Originally Posted by mark_k View Post
I've created a 16MB hardfile which shows the problem.
Unfortunately my A4091 seems to be dead. Grey screen hang if device is connected to A4091 (Tested with real old SCSI drive and ACard SCSI IDE adapter). Without drives connected A4091 appears in early boot menu expansion lists and does not hang.

I tried all jumper setting combinations (termination, id, disable sync mode and so on.). No change, connected drive's led never flickers even once.

Tested on A3000 and A4000, both have rev11 Buster. Both devices work on A3000's internal SCSI.

I'll check boot ROM contents later, perhaps it has flipped bits. (It is 27C256 EPROM)

EDIT: ROM contents match 100% A4091 40.13 ROM image.

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