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Just wanted to say a big thank you to Jens for this amazing device it made my Xmas playing around with the ACA500 and my Amiga 500 again

A few questions, being new to WDHload is it normal for some games to run slow e.g IK+ stutters on title screen same as Turrican 2 I've got an ACA1220 so lack of memory isn't the problem, also alot of games crash.

Ive got a 500MB trapdoor expansion with no battery, can i use the realtime clock module with my ACA1220 ?

When setting up a CF card in WinUAE do you need to set the partitions with a maxtransfer setting of 0x1fe00 ? i didn't bother as i thought the ACA500 has a different IDE than the Amiga.

Thanks Again
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