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Originally Posted by pandy71 View Post
And for example simulate virtual HDD
That's kind of what I have wondered about, although more like a REALLY BIG floppy.
I know the Amiga floppy port supports larger disks. I have an AEHD that does just that..
Yes, it needs to patch the floppy library to do so (which unfortunately means that drive only works with 1.3), but it's do-able.
Also, Kickstart 3.x supports some high density drives.

So, how hard would it be for the floppy emulator to emulate a floppy disk with say 1,000 cylinders instead of 80, or more sectors or bytes per sector or whatever??

I really have no idea, but it might be a nice way to get a poor man's HD.
In fact, even an image of 5M or so would be enough for a decent little WB (depending on your WB version I suppose).

Oh well, so much for me talking about things I have no idea how they might work... ;-)

Anyway, great project..
I don't have a floppy emulator yet, and I'm watching all the these great projects with interest..

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