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The problem with an A1200 accelerator is the connector, i can get them but they are $24 each plus other fees it would take for me to actually get them in my hand. It's a lot of money to front for these so without firm orders i would be reluctant to actually buy these. Majsta has expressed interest in making something for the A1200 and also the CD32. The easiest to probably do (based on connector availability and pricing) would be the CD32 as his board would not need a hard to find connector as my adapter will already have it on the board so PCB fabrication would be easy (circuit design , not .
A CD32 accelerator would expand the Amiga base more by turning low end Amiga game machines into a usable Amiga and a better game machine. Most guys with a 1200 already have an accelerator or at least fast ram and the 1200 has more expansion and connectors already. A 1200 connector probably makes more sense from a marketing perspective just because there are so many more 1200s in everyday use but the extra cost of the 1200 connector takes away from that advantage.

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I would actually be happy with just an 8mb fastmem board for the time being. I intend on making my adapters constantly available so there is going to be no problem with availability of them.
I would want at least memory, IDE and/or CF (preferably sticking out the back so I wouldn't have to open the case).

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I will make available triple adapters for developers free so they can test their hardware on a CD32 without the need of opening it up. Their board would be able to sit on top of their CD32 so they can attach probes etc. If you are serious about making expansions let me know and i will help you out
I wouldn't be doing anything hardware but maybe Majsta could be encouraged to go ahead and start on a CD32 accelerator/expansion while he waits for the Phoenix (Apollo Mini) core to be finished. I am part of the Apollo team but I'm a software guy (68k analysis and benchmarking, ISA and encoding design and compiler support). Are you up to soldering some CD32 accelerators for him?
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