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Originally Posted by TreacleWench View Post
The Indivision AGA Mk2 A4000/CD32 along with Kipper2k's HDMI adapter now make this an awesome machine for the living room, but I'd love to have an affordable IDE interface/Fast RAM add-on for this machine for doing WHDLoad and maybe even use Workbench on my TV!
Just in case you missed it, there has been talk about a simple memory, IDE and maybe some kind of media slot add-on in the hardware section:

The connectors are available but no one wants to do a whole useful upgrade yet.

Originally Posted by TreacleWench View Post
Maybe even an upgrade to a full 68020? That would be a bonus but not essential.
I doubt Individual would do anything high end for the CD32. The best hope there would be a CD32 accelerator/expansion from Majsta using an fpga processor. It would probably use a Cyclone V giving compatible 68030 performance with a TG68 or 68060 performance if the Apollo core lives up to it's promises. An fpga FPU may even be possible. We would have to see if Majsta could keep the price around your target with some of the add-ons people would expect. I believe he is planning on a 1200 accelerator first but he probably could be bribed. The available connectors make it easier already.
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