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I still am experiencing big issues with ACA500, card is replaced by Polish RetroAmi distributor, firmware is the latest one but it's not functioning correctly

Configuration: A500, insternal Kickstart 1.3 0.5 MB CHIP + 0.5 MB SLOW, ACA500, no additional turbo boards. Tested also on A500+ and behaviour is the same.

Settings: Kickstart 3.1 mapped from ACA 500, the rest of settings doesn't really matter and changes nothing.


1) Sandisk Ultra II (4GB) or Transcend 133x 4GB
mapped kickstart 3.1 -> early menu:
BOOT and BOOT WITHOUT S-S hangs Amiga completely with gray screen, even if want to boot from DF0.

2) Canon 32 MB and Canon 16 MB CF cards
mapped kickstart 3.1 -> early menu:
BOOT WITHOUT S-S is working
just BOOT hangs Amiga completely with gray screen, even if want to boot from DF0.

3) software REBOOT (be it forced e.g. by HDToolBox or using reboot program (ClassicWB) - hangs Amiga completely with gray screen.

All cards are genuine(!), working fine with everything else (A1200 PCMCIA, PC, ATARI) and otherwise work fine with ACA500 when booting normally, without Early Menu.

It's really bad that the ver basic functionality of Amiga (Early Menu boot and software reboot) still don't work (in contrary to description of latest firmware) on 4 cards I'm using.

RetroAmi disributor got my 1st ACA500, confirmed the problem with Sandisk 4GB, then supposedly found another one which worked with BOOT WITHOUT S-S option from Early Menu (however he didn't mention testing just BOOT or REBOOT). And now I have another one still having these issue. What was funny, that if instead of mapped Kick 3.1 I used A500+ Kick 2.0, it's boot menu was working fine. and I could choose the partition to boot and not hang computer with using "BOOT" button.

I'm kindly asking for some feedback, is this a lack of compatibility of ACA500 with quite a lot cards, hardware design flaw of ACA500 or something that could be fixed with another firmware version (last one was supposed to fix it, but it's not the case).

Like I mentioned, my 1st card was returned to for tests, I had to pay for sending and in return got another flawed card.

Any help, fix and/or explanation will be greatly appreciated.
Testing another ACA500 on 2 Amigas (A500/A500+) and 4 different CF cards I can say it with certainity: my Amiga/CF hardware is not the reason behind those problems, must be something with ACA500's.

best regards.
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