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Originally Posted by H.M View Post
A firmware update is available. This one solve some timing related issues.

To get it :
I have updated firmware.
Still have issues booting. Can you please give more instructions on the USB key/stick side of things?

I have formatted USB stick using normal Win7 process. FAT32 - default unit allocation size (4096?). Then copied SELECTOR.ADF to the USB stick. Nothing else is on there.

I reboot AMIGA. GOTEK shows ---. I put USB stick in red light flashes very briefly on GOTEK (I drilled a hole and bent my red LED so it is next too the green one). The GOTEK display turns to 000.

The only time I have had AMIGA Floppy Drive light on is when I plugged ribbon cable in back too front, then it stayed on.

I don't have a header pin on the GOTEK for 'Generate Ready Signal' - JA. Only on S0.

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