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Now got GSX750F :))
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If you use the TV out on any of the GeForce cards, then as ethylene says you'll be forced to use those three res's.

I'm using an Asus V8200 GF3 which has (S or Comp)Video in/out connected to a widescreen TV via the composite lead (I havn't got round to making the right Svideo/SCART lead yet). Both the PC and amiga outputs are quite useable for gaming and 12 point Ariel or TimesNewRoman in Word is readable, but fuzzy. Using Svideo/SCART would improve this a lot.

I've also got a util called TV Tool, which has all sorts of tricks for screen size, shape etc. and is very usefull, dont ask me anything about how to use it coz the help's in german (might be updated by now). It needs both monitor and TV connected at the same time when you first set it up, but once running you can leave the monitor off and it's fine - at least mine is ;-)
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